5 min video tutorial

An integrative platform to navigate the biology, structure and chemical inhibition of human proteins

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Ontology -> Go term: GO Term ID:
Domain -> Name: Interpro ID:
Protein -> Name: Uniprot ID:
PDB ID: Query ID:
Example queries:
  • Interpro ID: IPR001680 IPR036322 IPR015943 -> will produce 346 WDR proteins
  • GO term: ligase + Interpro ID: IPR001680 IPR036322 IPR015943 -> 36 ligases containing a WDR domain
  • Domain name: ubiquitin specific protease -> 76 USPs
  • Copy/paste a list of protein names from Excel.

Click links or hover over any values in the results table to see details in pop-ups.
Hover over images or click PDB codes and pubmed links in pop-ups for more.